Danish Government Scholarships for Foreign Nationals for the academic year 2008-2009

In accordance with the Cultural Agreement Programme between Denmark and Russia the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation offers the following scholarships to nationals from Russia:

  • 60 months for younger graduates or research workers.  
  • 6 scholarships for participation in summer courses in Danish language of 3 weeks’ duration. 


The scholarships are designed for advanced students, graduates and specialists to enable them to study or carry out research at a Danish university or a similar institution of higher education in Denmark.

Danish Government Scolarships are not intended for part-time studies or open education programmes, nor are they granted for elementary studies of the Danish language.

The scholarships are not intended for a full course of study. Normally, an academic degree or a diploma cannot be obtained during the tenure of the scholarship.


Applicants must be nominated by their own authorities. Please contact the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation or the Russian Academy of Sciences for further information.

The final decision on the award rests with CIRIUS. It is a condition for the scholarship that an appropriate study programme in Denmark can be arranged. It is therefore of essential importance that the applicant in his/her application gives a detailed description of the intended project of studies/research in Denmark.

Danish is the usual language of instruction at institutions of higher education in Denmark, but more and more institutions offer regular courses in English or another foreign language or have special arrangements for non-Danish students.

Further information about courses in other languages is available from the individual institutions.


The scholarship covers free tuition plus a monthly allowance of, for the moment, DKK 5,000. Scholarships for more than 3 months cover health insurance. The scholarship is tax free in Denmark if the total stay does not exceed 365 days within a 2-year-period.

The scholarship is meant to cover the living expenses of one person only, and additional amounts for accompanying members of the family are not available.

Holders of scholarships are not allowed to enter into paid employment during their scholarship period in Denmark. 

Method of application 

Applications should be prepared on special application forms issued by CIRIUS, and must be forwarded through the relevant ministry in the applicant’s home country. The application forms are available at the Cultural Agreements’ page.

Applicants must enquire about the national application deadline from their national authorities.

Nominations for the Danish Government Scholarships must reach CIRIUS not later than March 1, 2008.

Nominations for the summer courses in Danish language must reach CIRIUS not later than May 1, 2008. 

General information 

The scholarships are tenable during the academic year. The autumn term begins on September 1, and the spring term on February 1.

Well in advance (at least three months) of their entry into Denmark foreign nationals who have been accepted for a Danish Government Scholarship should submit an application for a residence permit/visa to the Danish diplomatic representation in their home countries.